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NiceXSL Installation


Please see the file changes.html for details of all changes in this release.

NiceXSL can be used either from the command line, or from ANT or from Eclipse. Object code is issued as a JAR file, nicexsl.jar, which you may include on your class path or command line. The classpath is resolved automatically within Eclipse.

NiceXSL has been used with Eclipse 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 3.0 under Windows NT, XP.

NiceXSL 2.0.4 (or later) is required for Eclipse 3.0.

NiceXSL 2.0.5 (or later) is required for JDK 1.5.

The NiceXSL (2.0.3) plug-in was upgraded to Eclipse 3.0, but the trivial class path changes then prevented use on 2.1, so the 2.0.4 plug-in is built using Eclipse 3.0 for an Eclipse 2.1.3 environment, so uses Eclipse 3.0 uses compatibility facilities.


The following software must be installed separately; it is not included with the NiceXSL download.

A suitable Java development environment is provided automatically if you use the NiceXSL as an Eclipse plug-in. The plug-in was originally developed under Eclipse 2.1.1 before upgrading to Eclipse 2.1.2 and Eclipse 3.0.

You may however use NiceXSL as a standalone JAR application.

If you have ANT, you may use the alternate net.sf.nicexsl.anttask.NiceXslTask entry point.


ANT and command line releases of NiceXSL are available via the NiceXSL project page at SourceForge:

Eclipse installations are available at

The only difference between the two releases lies in the JAR file manifest, which the author has not yet managed to build within Eclipse to operate independently of Eclipse. Either release can be used standalone provided class-path and entry-point are explicitly specified.

Edward D. Willink
30 October 2004