NiceXSL Update Site

From this site Eclipse can download NiceXSL, a tool, created by E.D.Willink, that provides support for NiceXSL, a human-friendly dialect of XSLT. NiceXSL may be transformed into XSLT automatically during normal usage, and created semi-automatically to support existing XSLT code bases.

Eclipse 2.1.x

Within Eclipse, invoke the Help->Software Updates->Update Manager, then with in the Feature Updates View, New->Site Bookmark... to specify the the URL of this folder, as an Eclipse Update site for NiceXSL.

Then open the NiceXSL Update Site and the NiceXSL category.

Select the net.sf.nicexsl-feature to reveal the Feature Preview. Click on Install Now to progress through download and license confirmations.

Eclipse 3.0.x

Within Eclipse, invoke the Help->Software Updates...->Find and Install... wizard, and then Search for new features to install so that you can Add Update Site... to define:

and then select the current stable release

(unless you want an old or beta release)

and then accept licenses and default installation options.

Further Information

See the NiceXSL home page for an online copy of the examples and documentation.

See the NiceXSL project page for the SourceForge administrative support, comprising mailing lists, bug tracking, downloads and CVS repository.

Edward D. Willink
21 February 2004